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IT Management and Support Center

1 Objective:

Welcome to the IT Management and Support Center the objective of the center is to provide online complaint handling for EIMS Application Problems. It provides convenient ways to track issues/incidents, raise software enhancement requests and the relevant changes/fixes that are introduced in EIMS as part of Change Requests/Bug? Requests raised by users of EIMS.

1.1 Incident Management

The following process would be involved in managing a reported incident:

  • All incidents (problems/queries) will be reported by MPWRD to the Help Desk, manned with trained and experienced staff/approved contractual staff at MPWRD identified strategic location will be set-up.
  • Upon receipt of an incident, the Help Desk will log the same, and revert with an acknowledgement, together with a reference number for future correspondence and tracking.
  • The incident will be analyzed, and identified as either a requirement for information, or a problem.
  • In the former case, help desk staff will arrange to send the required information to MPWRD, and the case will be closed.
  • For a problem, the nature and severity of the problem will be determined, and accordingly a response will be provided by the support team as per the guidelines laid down in the Service Level Agreement (SLA). When communicating the response, the expected resolution time will also be communicated; once again, as per the SLA. The support team will also communicate the caveats, dependencies, third-party involvement requirements, and boundary conditions associated with the problem and its ensuing resolution.
  • The problem will be analyzed so as to determine the feasibility of implementing a temporary solution by means of a workaround. Should such a workaround be possible, the same will be duly implemented, and followed up with a permanent solution. Upon implementation of the temporary workaround, the status will be updated, and will be marked as closed only upon subsequent implementation of the permanent solution.
  • For problems that cannot be resolved through the above-mentioned workaround method, the issue will be logged to be taken up in the next release of EIMS.
  • The necessary solution will be implemented, and the status updated as closed.

1.2 Tracking of Incidents

The Support Center provides simple but effective tracking of incidents and bugs within a project. An incident is assigned to a person who must resolve it or reassign the incident to someone else. All incidents can be edited, annotated, assigned, prioritized and discussed at any time. The timeline provides a historic view of the project in a single report.
It lists all events that have occurred in chronological order, a brief description of each event and if applicable, the person responsible for the change.

1.3 Technical Support

The IT Management and Support Center is committed and will benefit in user contribution and participation as simple as possible. It should be as easy as possible to report incidents, ask queries and suggest improvements. Enjoy!

2 Change Management:

Changes to EIMS will primarily be received as change requests through:
Incident / Problem resolution process CRs: Changes raised in production fixes / application changes or workarounds that require a permanent change to be taken up in a subsequent release.
Change Requests received from MPWRD. This will be received through authorized officials who will coordinate changes to EIMS due to change in business environment or system enhancements needs.
In case of Change Requests, to be raised by MPWRD staff it will be addressed to Project Manager for this project. MPWRD Project Manager, of this project will then evaluate the Change Requests, and present to a Change Control Board along with the time required to implement the same or if possible will suggest a viable work-around to meet MPWRD requirements.
On review and sign off of the CRs by the change control board, the application support team will implement specified Change Requests as changes and release it as per the release management process.

3 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):


4 EIMS Help Desk:

emaild: helpdesk@…